The United Kingdom has the largest and most competitive broadcasting market in Europe but connected television remains a confusing consumer proposition. YouView has largely failed in its objectives while Samsung has emerged as the leading smart television platform. The very definition of what is meant by television is now uncertain. These are among the uncompromising conclusions of a comprehensive report on Connected Television in the UK and Ireland from Deadline Media TV.

The report notes there is a huge amount of hype and uncertainty about the future of connected television, which is being launched into a mature and saturated broadcasting market while the cost of consumer electronics products continue to plummet.

The author suggests that home-grown connected television platforms are like the BBC Micro, destined to be superseded by developments from elsewhere in the world.

YouView is described as a “dead end” and a “colossal failure” while the MHEG Interaction Channel remains available in all Freeview HD compatible televisions on the market. Ireland and much of mainland Europe have opted for HbbTV.

The cost of incorporating connectivity in a television is marginal. Samsung has gained the majority of the smart television market but the prospects for most other proprietary smart television offerings are not promising.

Streaming media boxes and dongles are considered to be of growing importance and connected set-top boxes will continue to play a major role for the foreseeable future.

The report predicts that by the end of next decade internet protocol distribution will dominate the television market through a combination of live streaming media and video on demand.

Connected Television in the UK and Ireland is a 250-page report published by Deadline Media TV.