The ability to provide real-time feedback from viewers sending text messages is critical to live participation television shows. SinglePoint, which powers much of the mobile interactivity on North American television, has moved to a real-time system from GoldenGate Software to provide immediate access to live data.

Founded in 1996 as Wireless Services Corporation and renamed SinglePoint in 2006, the company processed over 80% of interactive television transactions from mobile text message users in North America last year.

“Our primary business has always been to provide mobile message connectivity, applications, and most importantly reporting and analytics to our customers,” said Curt Miller, the chief technology officer for SinglePoint. “With GoldenGate, data is loaded to the data warehouse continuously and we are able to provide television producers with accurate real-time graphs every seconds, allowing them to make decisions on the spot that affect the outcome of the results and at the same time solicit more inbound responses for the show.”

GoldenGate provides real-time date systems for banks, ticketing systems as well as pay television companies such as DIRECTV and Comcast.

“With real-time data access capabilities, SinglePoint has been able to expand business opportunities and can now better serve live television shows,” said Sami Akbay of GoldenGate. “SinglePoint can directly impact customer satisfaction by offering producers greater control over program participation. With GoldenGate’s technology, SinglePoint is transforming the world of live TV.”