Viewers will be able to have their own television channel as part of a range of interactive applications made possible by broadband video services.

UK telephony provider BT is reported to be considering an application developed by the French telecommunications equipment company Alcatel, dubbed My Own TV.

This will offer subscribers their own virtual channel, allowing them to share their home videos and photo collections with friends and relatives.

Alcatel says the same service would allow special interest groups such as local football clubs or small towns to have their own television channels.

According to a report in The Business newspaper, BT is also assessing another Alcatel product, known as Amigo TV, which allows subscribers to invite other viewers to watch a programme. They can then send text messages to one another using their remote controls.

Alcatel is also said to be developing handsets with a microphone to allow users to share their comments on the programme directly with other viewers.

No doubt the technology could also revolutionise the adult chat line market.

At the end of June, Microsoft announced that BT would be using their Microsoft TV IPTV Edition software platform to deliver internet protocol TV over broadband in the UK.

Microsoft has a marketing alliance with Alcatel, which also has its own range of broadband television products, which they are continuing to promote.

The final shape of the BT service has yet to be determined, but it is expected to launch by the middle of 2006.

Meanwhile a number of other service providers are expected launch their own broadband television services in the UK.