Just weeks after acquiring The Filter, online video company 24i has launched a new personalization and recommendations service, cleverly called 24iQ. The standalone managed service brings artificial intelligence analytics and recommendations to any online video provider.

The service is the result of the rapid integration of the innovative technologies and data science expertise of The Filter, based in Bath in the United Kingdom, acquired by 24i in April 2022.

“The commitment to continuous improvement from teams on both sides has enabled us to re-launch The Filter’s managed service, bringing the new 24iQ offering to the market within just six weeks of the acquisition,” explained Dr Neale Foster, the chief executive of 24i.

“There is still work to be done to fully integrate the power of 24iQ into 24i Mod Studio, our video streaming platform. This will enable us to offer 24iQ-based recommendations as part of our pre-integrated end-to-end solutions for OTT and Pay TV services, and fully capitalize on the synergies between 24iQ’s automated metadata enhancement and the Backstage content management interface.”


24iQ provides high-quality content suggestions based on the previous viewing behavior of each individual consumer. This enables streaming services to populate user-specific sections like “recommended for you,” “more like this,” and “trending” as well as auto-play functions shown when an existing program ends.

By taking user’s tastes into account when displaying search results, 24iQ also enables personalized recommendations for content that’s about to start in live streamed TV channels.

User-focused programme recommendations can be extended into push notifications and email marketing campaigns to drive return visits to a streaming service.

24iQ is based on data science techniques including collaborative filtering, user clustering, language processing and image recognition.

Founded in 2009, 24i is based in Amsterdam and along with sister company Amino is part of the Aferian plc, listed in the United Kingdom.