A comprehensive survey of 90 catalogues of online video services available in Europe shows that European titles account for 38% of all unique titles on subscription services and 58% of those on transactional services. However, just over half of all the episodes across subscription services were from the United States, with considerable variation between services and different country catalogues.

The report, from the European Audiovisual Observatory, covered a total of nearly 700,000 episodes available across subscription services and over 280,000 episodes on transactional services.

Netflix in the United Kingdom offered the largest number of titles in its catalogue, with 1,253 titles and over 33,000 episodes. In Italy, however, Netflix offered 464 titles with fewer than 14,000 episodes.

Among transactional services, Maxdome in Germany offered 839 titles with over 20,000 episodes available.

Around a fifth of the episodes on subscription services were of European origin, compared to around a quarter on transactional services.

Of the 28,335 television series titles on subscription services, 90% were identified by region of origin. Of these 694,833 individual episodes, 52% were from producers in the United States and 17% were from the 28 member states of the European Union.

Of the 9,287 television series titles on transactional services, 87% were identified by country of origin. Of these 281,494 individual episodes, 70% were from the United States and 23% were from European Union member states.

The report also breaks down the catalogues of individual services by region of origin.

In the case of Netflix, this covers 27 different country catalogues, with a cumulative 21,143 television series titles, of which 98% were identified by region of origin. Of the resulting 596,456 individual episodes, just 15% were from the 28 European Union member states, 5% were from other European countries, 51% were from the United States and 29% from other countries.

These are then broken down by country catalogue. The Netflix catalogue in the United Kingdom is the largest, with 1,282 television series titles, of which the region of origin was identified for 85%, giving 19,542 individual episodes. Of these, 21% were from European Union member states, 4% from other European countries, 35% were from the United States and 39% from other countries.

The origin of TV content in VOD catalogues is published by the European Audiovisual Observatory.