The proportion of homes in the United Kingdom with an online video subscription service is still bouncing around two-thirds. The estimated number has risen to 19.5 million, which is 67.9%, up from 18.8 million or 65.4% in the last quarter of 2023, but still lightly down year on year and off its peak of 19.57 million in early 2022. A change in the survey methodology means that Discovery+, with 3.1 million homes, is now included in the results of the Barb establishment survey.

The number of homes in the United Kingdom with Netflix rose to 16.7 million of 58%, up from 16.3 million in a quarter but down from its high of 17.3 million.

13 million homes had access to Amazon Prime Video, which is 45.3%, up from 12.4 million, but again off the peak of 13.6 million.

Disney+ is in 7.5 million homes, or 26.1%, up from 7.3 million the previous quarter. But down from 7.6 million the quarter before that.

Discovery+ is now included in the results, with 3.1 million, or 10.9% of homes, due to a change in the survey questions.

Paramount+ is in 2.6 million homes, or 9.1%, up from 1.99 million the previous quarter, also benefitting from the revised survey.

Apple TV+ is now in 2.38 million homes, or 8.3%, its highest figure to date, up from 1.98 million or 6.9% in just three months.

NOW from Sky is in 1.82 million homes, or 6.3%, which is about the same as the previous quarter and down from a peak of 2.3 million.

Online video subscriptions, 2024 Q1. Source: Barb establishment survey

A change in the establishment survey questions now better reflects subscriptions via Sky packages and other bundles, which were not fully represented in the previous quarterly survey from Barb.

The number of homes with access to two or more services grew to 13.6 million or 47.3%, up from 12.8 million the previous quarter, but remained the same proportion year on year.