The number of homes in the United Kingdom with an online video subscription fell by 382,000, or almost 2%, in the second quarter of 2022. The increasing cost of living — and the increasing cost of online video services — may account for the reduction, although more than two-thirds of homes in the country still have access to an online video subscription service.

19.19 million homes in the United Kingdom, or 67% of households, had access to an online video subscription service in the second quarter of 2022.

The numbers are from the quarterly establishment survey from the broadcasting research organisation BARB, which surveys information about households in the United Kingdom to ensure that its daily reporting of television audiences is representative of the whole population.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and NOW all saw quarterly drops in the number of UK homes with access to their services

BARB SVOD 2022 Q2. Source: BARB / informitv analysis.

17.08 million homes, or 60% of households, had access to Netflix, down by 206,000, or just over 1%, on the previous quarter.

12.76 million homes, or 45%, had access to Amazon Prime Video, a decrease of 589,000, or 4%, from 13.35 million in the first quarter.

2.07 million homes, or 7%, had access to NOW from Sky, a decline of 64,000, or almost 3%.

Disney+ and Apple+ saw small quarterly subscriber gains.

6.62 million homes, which is 23%, had access to Disney+, an increase of 91,000 or 1% on the previous quarter.

1.61 million homes, around 6%, had access to Apple TV+, a gain of 43,000 or almost 3% in a quarter.

The reported decline in subscribing homes is consistent with figures recently reported by Kantar, which said that there were 488,000 fewer homes with online video subscriptions in the United Kingdom in the second quarter.