The proportion of homes in the United Kingdom with access to an online video subscription service increased in the third quarter of 2023, returning to over two thirds of homes. Most of the major services saw an increase in the number of homes with access to them, with NOW from Sky the only leading service to lose subscribers, according to industry estimates.

The quarterly Barb establishment survey shows that 19.3 million homes have access to an online video subscription service, up from 18.3 million the previous quarter. That is a rise to 67.3% of homes from 65.9%, following a decline from 68.5% in the first quarter.

Barb now reports absolute numbers for services in millions, as well as percentages of homes.

16.7 million homes in the United Kingdom, or 58.2%, have access to Netflix, up by around 200,000 from 16.5 million, or 57.7% in the second quarter but down from 59.0% in the first quarter.

Amazon Prime Video is available to 13.0 million homes, or 45.3%, up from 12.6 million, or 44%, the previous quarter.

Disney+ is in 7.6 million homes, at 26.7%, up from 7.2 million, or 25.2% the previous quarter and 24.8% in the first quarter.

2.2 million homes have Apple TV+, that is 7.8% of homes in the country, up from 1.9 million or 6.6%.

Paramount+ is in 1.9 million homes, with 6.7%, up from 1.7 million, or 5.9%, in the second quarter, when Barb began to report the service.

The number of homes with NOW from Sky fell slightly to 1.9 million, or 6.5%, from 2.0 million the previous quarter.

“The latest data from our Establishment Survey again shows how SVOD services have established themselves within the UK viewing ecosystem,” said Justin Sampson, the chief executive of Barb. “Over two-thirds of homes subscribe to at least one, while most services have seen growth over the previous quarter.”