There are now 17 million households in the United Kingdom with an online video subscription. That is up by 2 million in six months. It means that 60% of households in the United Kingdom have access to such a subscription service, having past 50% by the end of 2019. Netflix continues to be the largest single service, available to an estimated 14.8 million households in the United Kingdom.

Amazon Prime Video is up by nearly 50% in a year to 9.5 million households in the United Kingdom.

Disney+, which launched in the United Kingdom in late March, is available in an estimated 3.4 million households.

The latest figures come from the BARB establishment survey. Face-to-face interviewing was suspended for the second quarter as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The data for the third quarter are based on interviews from the resumption of fieldwork in August and September.

BARB SVOD 2020 Q3 subscriptions. Source: BARB establishment survey.

BARB says that understanding the adoption and usage of online video subscription services is a priority.

“Next on our to-do list is to report viewing to SVOD services, with or without their involvement,” said BARB chief executive Justin Sampson. “We are making great strides thanks to the installation of meters on the WiFi routers in our panel of homes. Preliminary data show aggregate viewing levels to SVOD and video-sharing platforms, while we plan to augment these with SVOD content ratings in 2021.”