The number of homes in the United Kingdom with access to an online video subscription service fell by half a million in the last quarter of 2023. 18.8 million homes, or 65.4%, had access to such a service, down from 67.3% three months before. Netflix and Amazon both lost subscribers, as did Disney+. With increasing competition, subscriber retention is becoming more challenging. Our graph shows that the overall numbers appear to have peaked.

Based on data from the BARB quarterly establishment survey, an estimated 16.3 million homes in the United Kingdom had access to Netflix. That is 56.7%, down by 0.4 million from 58.2% the previous quarter. It is down by a million from a peak of 17.3 million in the first quarter of 2022.

Amazon Prime was available in 12.4 million homes, or 43.1%, down from 13 million or 45.3% in three months. It was also down by a million from its previous peak in early 2022.

Disney+, was in 7.3 million homes, which is 25.6%, down from 7.6 million the previous quarter. It suggests that Disney+ may have hit the limit, for the present at least.

Apple TV+ homes fell back to just under 2 million from 2.2 million three months before. Paramount+ had fractionally more, rising from 1.9 million to just under 2 million. NOW from Sky saw a small drop, with around 1.8 million.

Online video subscriptions in the United Kingdom 2014-2023 Q4

The number of homes with two or more services declined by about half a million to 12.8 million, or 44.7 of homes.

These numbers are based on a statistical sample and rely on the recall of the respondents of which services they have. The results may differ from numbers reported by providers, although many do not regularly report such figures, but the survey provides a reasonable measure of their comparative performance.