Comcast will introduce a discounted bundle of Peacock with Netflix and Apple TV+. The StreamSaver bundle will be available to all Comcast broadband and video customers, including those with the new family of NOW branded prepaid products.

Speaking at an analyst conference, Brian Roberts, the chief executive of Comcast, said “Those three products will come at a vastly reduced price to anything in the market today”.

“We’ve been bundling video successfully and creatively for 60 years, and so this is the latest iteration of that,” he said. “I think this will be a pretty compelling package.”

He described it as a way to add value for customers and “at the same time take some of the dollars out of other people’s relationships and put them into our relationships”.

In Europe, Comcast company Sky already offers discounts on Netflix and Apple TV subscriptions, but has yet to offer a full bundle.

Meanwhile, Comcast is preparing to increase the price of its Peacock service by $2 a month.

Disney and Warner Bros Discovery had previously announced a bundle of their Max, Disney+ and Hulu services, to be available later in the summer.

Disney already offers a bundle of its Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ services.

Disney, Warner Bros Discovery and Fox have also created a joint venture to offer an online video sports bundle, including ESPN, to be called Venu.

While online video offered the prospect of paying for individual services, customers have ended up subscribing separately for multiple apps, and now major media companies are aiming to rebundle these packages into something that looks more like a traditional cable television subscription.