As part of its effort not to look like the BT your grandmother used to have, its upwardly mobile consumer brand EE has launched its new EE TV offering. In a first in the United Kingdom, it will also be offered as an app on an Apple TV 4K box. This will provide a full live television experience, with over 70 channels, complete with a programme guide and a new EE branded remote with a dedicated button which launched the EE TV app with a single press.

EE TV is being promoted as television with no aerial and no dish, but users will need an internet connection from EE as it will not work with other providers.

EE Apple TV showing EE TV app

There is a choice of box, from the Apple TV 4K, through the EE TV Box Mini, which can pause and rewind live programmes for up to two hours, to the EE TV Box Pro, which is the only online television device available in the United Kingdom that can locally record live channels, with capacity for up to 600 hours and the ability to record up to four channels at the same time.

EE TV Mini


All three boxes support 4K in high dynamic range, with Dolby Atmos Sound, for programmes that support these features.

The custom version of the Apple TV box is required for the full EE TV Experience, although the EE TV app will also be available on regular Apple TV boxes. The live television features will be exclusively available on the EE version.

Those joining the new EE TV service will be able to enjoy six months of Apple TV+ for free.

“The launch of EE TV is one of the first significant strides we’re taking since launching New EE,” said Marc Allera, the chief executive of EE. “The service is built for busy households, and we believe it will elevate the TV experience for consumers across the UK.”

The 24-month contract is described as flexible, in that customers can change their package month by month The cheapest package is £18 a month, while what is described as the full works, including NOW channels from Sky and a standard plan from Netflix, is £76 per month.