Online video viewing in the United States reached a record high in June, accounting for 37.7% of all television usage. However, the percentage attributable to Netflix continued to fall in the face of increasing competition. With 1.0% of all television viewing, Paramount+ became the eleventh service to be separately reported in The Gauge monthly snapshot of viewing from Nielsen.

Nielsen Gauge 202207-202306. Source: The Gauge, Nielsen.

Traditional broadcast and subscription television made up 51.4% of all television viewing, the lowest percentage seen so far, down from 56% in July 2022.

Broadcast channels accounted for just 20.8% of total television viewing, a new low-water mark.

Online video viewing has increased from 31.5% of all television viewing in July 2022 to 37.7% in June 2023.

Share of total television viewing in the United States. Source: The Gauge, Nielsen.

Of the online viewing, a record 8.1% was to YouTube, up from 7.8% the previous month and 6.7% the previous year.

The share attributable to Netflix fell to 6.9%, down from 7.3% the previous month and 8.0% a year before.

Amazon Prime Video increased its share to 3.2%, still ahead of Disney+, which grew its share to 2.0%.