Americans watched an all-time high of 183 billion minutes on online video platforms over the week of Christmas, taking a 33% share of total viewing, as measured by Nielsen. That is more than the record 178 billion minutes watched during Thanksgiving week a month earlier. Online video viewing had a 28% share of total viewing through December, which was consistent with the previous six months.

Those 183 billion online minutes were spread across Netflix, accounting for 6.4% of daily viewing across all individuals, YouTube TV at 5.8%, Hulu with 3.0%, Amazon at 2.1%, Disney at 1.6% and other platforms, which accounted for 8.8%. Collectively they made up 27.7% of all viewing.

Cable, which includes satellite, still made up 37.3% of viewing, while broadcast made up 26.1%, so taken together traditional television accounted for 63.4% of viewing.

The remaining 8.9% of other viewing includes unmeasured sources, discs and games consoles.

Nielsen Gauge 2021 12. Source: Nielsen.

Nielsen has increased the resolution of its reporting to show one decimal percentage place, which suggests more accuracy and facilitates comparisons with greater granularity.

The figures relate to the broadcast month, which ended on 26 December, so high viewing levels may be expected to carry over into early January.