V-Nova has published the results of a further independent evaluation of its PERSEUS video compression system. The informitv study found that it enabled higher resolution delivery of online video than H.264 encoding, while significantly reducing the data rates required. Eutelsat is taking a minority stake in V-Nova, which has also expanded its executive leadership.

The informitv evaluation covered real-time compression of high-definition video for online delivery to mobile screens. It was based on the data rates used by a major national telecommunications service provider, tested with a representative range of high-definition video material, including high-action sports coverage and standard test sequences.

Using PERSEUS Hybrid compression, informitv was able to produce an optimised set of encoding profiles at higher resolutions, reducing the overall data rates while maintaining or improving picture quality.

V-Nova PERSEUS evaluation showing optimisation of resolutions.

PERSEUS Hybrid encoding uses PERSEUS compression in combination with existing standards such as H.264 to turbocharge video delivery using a software plugin for encoders and decoders.

A 1920×1080 pixel PERSEUS Hybrid encoding at 2,000kbps offered equivalent or better visual quality than the 1280×720 H.264 profile at 3,000kbps employed by the service provider.

PERSEUS enabled 1280×720 encoding at 1,500kbps compared to a 720×408 resolution reference stream at 2,200kbps.

At 1,000kps, a 1280×720 PERSEUS powered encoding offered four times the resolution of the reference stream at a similar data rate.

V-Nova PERSEUS evaluation optimisation enables reduction in data rates for equivalent or better visual quality.

Guido Meardi, the co-founder and chief executive of V-Nova, and a former partner at the McKinsey consultancy, said: “This independent evaluation demonstrates that V-Nova PERSEUS offers significant benefits to operators, not only saving network bandwidth but also enabling a high-definition viewing experience to more users over existing networks.”

Satellite operator Eutelsat is taking a minority stake in V-Nova. The companies have announced plans to offer PERSEUS-powered compression solutions for satellite video transmission.

Eutelsat used the V-Nova system for 4K coverage of matches during the Euro 2016 football championship earlier in the year.

V-Nova has also announced a number of appointments, including a new chairman, David Benello, a former executive with McKinsey.

Further details of the evaluation, one of a series conducted by informitv, are available for download from the V-Nova web site.