Big data is big news for the television industry, with an ever-increasing volume of information being generated by network-connected devices, but it is complex to collect and integrate to inform business processes. Genius Digital is about to unveil its new Insight Platform to enable television and video operators to gain greater understanding of the ways their customers use and interact with their services. It follows their acquisition of the MiriMON monitoring product from Mirifice last year.

The product is being relaunched by Genius Digital as a way of enabling service providers to gain insight at the point of interaction, directly from devices in which it is embedded.

The company says it is convinced that we are only scratching the surface of the potential of data to transform the television industry.

“At Genius Digital, we make sense of viewer data. Our technology provides even the best minds in the industry to make more informed strategic decisions and enables more valuable and relevant everyday interactions with consumers,” explained Tom Weiss, the chief executive of Genius Digital.

“Making great content available is one thing, but truly understanding exactly how viewers are using their TV services and interacting with them is where the real value lies for operators. By gaining a thorough understanding of the customer experience, operators can provide a more efficient service, increasing upsell, customer retention and providing greater marketing opportunities.”

The Genius Digital Insight Platform provides a complete real-time data warehouse solution for use in operational and strategic decision-making. It can be used to provide audience measurement to inform channel bundling and carriage deal negotiations, to support direct marketing to improve customer engagement and loyalty, or to support diagnostics for customer contact centres.

“We are enabling operators to get a greater picture of their viewers in much the same way that OTT providers and some online retailers have of their customers,” said Jonathan Sykes, the chairman of Genius Digital. He was previously managing director at HomeChoice, which became Tiscali TV. “Data-driven practices have transformed online media, and we are a key enabler in working with brands, producers, and broadcasters to apply data in their day-to-day business processes.”

Genius Digital acquired the IP and development team of the MiriMON product from Mirifice in October 2012, while its MiriATE automated testing system was bought by Farncombe.

Genius Digital will be one of the many exhibitors at the TV Connect event in London, formerly known as the IP&TV World Forum, expected to attract thousands of industry professionals from around the world.