With the increase in video on the web, a media management system known as Mio promises to automate the process of validating, filtering, cataloguing and re-purposing audio and video material from a range of digital file formats.

Mio is a media gateway that can be used for validation, filtering, cataloguing and manipulation. It can accept audio and video files conforming only to specific formats or compression schemes, sort media according to technical parameters and extract or insert metadata such as title and copyright information.

The system has been developed by Nativ, a company based in London that specialises in video management solutions.

“We are very excited about Mio,” said Jon Folland, the managing director of Nativ. “It has already been put to work in a number of our clients’ infrastructures and is delivering enormous value in terms of reduced operational overheads, increased automation and improved throughput.”

The Mio platform accepts media in a wide range of formats, including Windows Media, AVI, QuickTime, Flash, DivX, Real, 3GPP, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and a range of audio compression schemes.

It has an application programming interface and is designed to integrate into a range of infrastructures, from media asset management and transcoding to digital rights management and distribution systems.

Nativ has a partnership with Telestream which provides a range of media transcoding and delivery systems.