Freeview, the brand for free digital terrestrial television in the United Kingdom, has adopted a distinctly retro look with a new identity and the strapline ‘Free TV Land–where great TV is free’. It is apparently designed to “create a stronger ongoing relationship between the viewer and Freeview by emphasising the values that consumers love the most”.

It will be supported by new television commercials and in-store marketing materials in the run-up to Christmas. The web site welcomes visitors to Free TV Land–population 8 million and counting–and presents Freeview as the perfect gift. The graphic style is reminiscent of the seventies but also harks back to the thirties.

Freeview promotes new Free TV Land with a new identity.

“The digital TV landscape can be a confusing and complex place for consumers,” said Freeview head of strategic marketing, Liz Reynolds. “Freeview’s success is built upon the simplicity of our offering combined with a fantastic channel line-up and great value for money.”

“‘Free TV Land’ celebrates everything that viewers love about Freeview. We’re seen as the home of free digital TV and our new creative gives us a more defined personality and identity, enabling us to build a stronger ongoing relationship with our viewers.”

Freeview is essentially a brand name for digital terrestrial television, promoted by DTV Services Limited, a joint venture between the BBC, BSkyB, ITV, Channel 4 and National Grid Wireless. The multiplex licences are actually held by the BBC, ITV/Channel 4, SDN and National Grid Wireless.