TP Vision, which manufactures televisions sets under the Philips brand in Europe and other territories, has formed a strategic alliance with European company Titan to use its operating system on smart televisions. Titan OS is an independent operating system for smart televisions that aims to offer a more customised smart television platform, including global online video players and a wider choice of local programming.

The company, also known as Titan OS, has formed a strategic alliance with TP Vision, having already had an exclusive partnership for its Linux televisions. The Titan OS will be offered on selected Philips and AOC televisions in Europe and Latin America. These include two models to be launched in the first half of 2024.

Titan OS television operating system

Titan OS was founded by industry executives from European and American leading entertainment, media, and investment sectors, including Disney, Roku, Rakuten TV, and KKR. It is based in Barcelona, with offices Amsterdam and Taipei.

Jacinto Roca, the chief executive of Titan OS, said “We are re-thinking TV together to deliver the best personalised connected TV experience, helping viewers to find their favourite content more easily. This will allow us, from day one, to reach millions of viewers across Europe and Latin America”.

Titan OS

Kostas Vouzas, the chief executive of TP Vision for Europe and Latin America said “As part of our long-term strategy, having a choice of Smart TV platforms is imperative. Our work with Titan OS S.L. has given us the ability to be part of the definition of the Titan OS platform and will allow us to implement our own customisation and product integration. Ultimately, our customers will benefit by having easy access to both premium global services while also increasing and simplifying their access to more local content”.

Titan OS has also entered into a strategic partnership with Currys, the leading technology retailer in United Kingdom. Currys will launch the operating system on own brand JVC televisions and collaborate on retail media, a first-of its-kind alliance within the United Kingdom market.

The Titan operating system includes advertising capabilities, managed by Titan Advertising, to enable television manufacturers to extend their business beyond hardware to provide recurring revenue streams.

Titan OS says its aim is to foster collaborations across the entire television ecosystem to grow business together with TV manufacturers, retailers, media companies, content creators, publishers, and brands.