Netgem will supply its NetgemTV platform for the launch of the next generation TalkTalk 4K TV service in the United Kingdom. The Netgem platform has already been adopted by fifteen fibre broadband providers. This is the latest and largest deployment to date on Netgem TV.

Netgem TV offers over 200 channels in the United Kingdom, with the ability to pause, rewind, and record over 135 Freeview Channels, including 15 in high definition, as well as additional online video services.

The Netgem content-as-a-service model offers fibre broadband providers a simple yet powerful television service. The model allows a fast time to market and a frictionless end-to-end operating model, while offering viewers new entertainment streaming options each month.

netgem TV

“This new contract with TalkTalk Group demonstrates the relevance of Netgem’s unique positioning in the fast-growing connected entertainment market,” said Mathias Hautefort, the Netgem chief executive. “Netgem, thanks to its fully operated NetgemTV platform, already market-tested with several operators in Britain in particular, and its expertise for running agreements with the main TV channels and the rising number of OTT content providers, intends to continue to expand its content-as-a-service model with tier one operators.”

With 4.2 million connected premises and 2.4 million superfast fibre broadband customers, TalkTalk operates the largest unbundled network in Britain.