The Service List Registry is announcing its Pilot Programme as the first phase of the international rollout of the federated audiovisual service discovery platform. Based on the open DVB-I standard, the SLR database enables compatible displays, devices and applications to discover and access audiovisual services across multiple networks, including fixed and wireless internet connections and conventional cable, satellite and terrestrial transmissions.

The ability to blend hybrid services delivered over broadband and broadcast networks provides a migration path for public service and commercial broadcasters to ensure the future of radio and television in an evolving market. It also enables providers to offer versions of services at higher audio or video quality, according to the capabilities of the receiving device.

Hybrid services can make more efficient and effective use of available broadcast bandwidth and radio frequency spectrum, improving the quality of experience for all users. It allows broadcasters to evolve their services and keep their options open on emerging delivery technologies.

“We received a very positive response to the launch of the SLR platform three months ago,” said Dr William Cooper, the Chief Executive of the Service List Registry. “We welcome the participation of interested parties and look forward to working with them.”

Service List Registry

The Service List Registry is a federated online directory of audiovisual services, based on open standards. Registered regulators, producers, distributors, and service providers can manage lists of offerings available online and through traditional broadcast networks. This allows compatible devices and applications with different capabilities to discover and access relevant services from multiple sources, offering users choice, convenience, and control, on any screen.

The Pilot Programme will allow regulators, broadcasters, service providers, device manufacturers and application developers to evaluate the service discovery platform as part of their trials of the DVB-I standard. The Service List Registry will be available to early adopters free of charge during the pilot phase, subject to terms and conditions.

Prospective participants in the Pilot Programme can find out more at the IBC Show, which takes place in Amsterdam from 9 to 12 September.