Disney+ will overtake Netflix to have the most online video subscribers by 2026. By then, Disney, Netflix, and Amazon will account for nearly half of all online video subscriptions worldwide. Netflix will remain the market leader in Europe.

Disney+ will add 140 million online video subscribers between 2021 and 2026, taking its total to 284 million, Digital TV Research forecasts. Over 40% of Disney+ subscribers will be in the 13 Asian countries under the Hotstar brand.

Netflix will have 270 million subscribers, or 16.5% of total 1.64 billion online video subscriptions, while Amazon will have 243 million.

China will have 353 million online video subscribers, with Tencent being the largest provider with approaching 100 million.

There will be 238 million online video subscriptions in Western Europe by 2026, up from 167 million at the end of 2021.

Netflix will remain the market leader in Western Europe, with 67 million subscribers by 2026, ahead of Amazon Prime, while the number of Disney+ subscribers will double to 53 million.

Germany will become the largest market in Western Europe, with 52 million online video subscriptions, with the United Kingdom just behind with 51 million.

Netflix will continue to have the most online video subscribers in Eastern Europe, with 10 million by 2026. Disney+ will have 6 million, while Amazon will have 3 million.

Digital TV Research provides forecasts of major online video subscription services by 138 countries, regionally and globally, through to 2026.