Move Networks, a company that has raised the bar in the quality of online video services, has attracted a further $46 million in venture capital funding, bringing the total raised by the company to over $67 million. Based south of Salt Lake City in Utah, Move Networks is extending its market presence, opening new offices across America, with plans to expand internationally.

Move Networks provides online video services for a number of American television networks, including ABC, Fox, Discovery and Fox. Their technology supports high resolution live and on demand delivery of programming over the internet at high quality, without the buffering and stalling often associated with web video.

Move Networks started with an Adobe Flash video player, but has since added support for Microsoft Silverlight. At NAB they were showing a 720p high-definition episode of Lost from ABC at remarkable quality, streaming over a cellular network.

The third round funding is led by Benchmark Capital, with investors including Cisco, Comcast, Televisa and previous investors Steamboat Ventures and Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. This brings the total capital raised by the company to $67.3 million.

“Viewers are demanding higher quality video at anytime and any place. Move’s platform provides a solution that maximizes quality while at the same time meeting the demands of scalability and profits,” said John Edwards, the chief executive of Move Networks.

“Rarely have we seen a company take market share at such a dramatic pace in an emerging industry,” said Bill Gurley, general partner at Benchmark Capital.

Move Networks has opened offices in Los Angeles and San Mateo in California, at Ann Arbor in Michigan and in New York City. The company also announced plans to open offices in Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific later in the year.