Sky Network Television in New Zealand has run its first direct response interactive television advertisement, following the model established by its counterpart in the United Kingdom. The campaign for a Mitsubishi car uses a system from Irish company Emuse Absolutely. Viewers can press red on their remote during the advertisement to request a brochure or book a test drive.

Viewers select their preferences and enter their contact details which are sent off to Mitsubishi via their Sky set-top box over a phone line connection.

“Mitsubishi delights in being an innovator, so as the first to use this exciting new technology in New Zealand we are sending a message to the country about our company and our products. The measurability of interactive television is also a huge positive. Potential customers can interact with our product directly through the advertising,” said Daniel Cook, the marketing manager for Mitsubishi Motors in New Zealand.

The campaign was put together by Clemenger BBDO, which was the first advertising agency to use interactive television advertising in New Zealand with a commercial for Panasonic.

“We are excited to have the option to add this new dimension to campaigns, having seen how well it works overseas,” said Kate Wilkinson of the agency. “This type of campaign, which is very simple for viewers to use, makes sense for Mitsubishi as research shows SKY viewers are three times more likely to buy a car than non Sky viewers.”

Over 40% of households in New Zealand subscribe to the Sky satellite television service. Last year Sky New Zealand launched several template options for interactive television advertisements in conjunction with Emuse Absolutely.

In addition to so-called impulse-response sports, there are immersive adverts that act like a dedicated advertiser channel, accessed via a channel number, which can run around the clock.

In the UK over 90% of Sky subscribers have interacted with television advertisements since the capability was launched in 2000. Emuse supports interactive advertising services across satellite, terrestrial and cable television, and recently signed a deal with BT Vision to develop interactive advertising on their broadband platform.

“Emuse is now the largest interactive service provider in the UK and is also a key player in the US and therefore we are happy to be able to now also have a presence in New Zealand and we are therefore grateful to be working with innovators such as Sky NZ” said Dominic Laval of Emuse.