Denki, a games developer based in Dundee in Scotland, is providing applications for a new interactive television Game Lounge on the DIRECTV satellite service in America. Denki will provide nine titles through a deal struck with Waterfront Entertainment. Further titles will be delivered later this year.

The Game Lounge, which launched earlier this year, provides puzzle, word, card, educational and arcade style games available to viewers on a monthly or daily basis.

Denki has published more than 50 games titles for interactive television in the past five years and is the main supplier to BSkyB in the United Kingdom.

“Gaming on digital television is very popular in Europe,” said Colin Anderson, the managing director of Denki. “DIRECTV has created an exciting new service for its users. Game Lounge offers a wide range of content that is unique in the United States.”

Steven Roberts, general manager of DIRECTV, described Denki as “one of the best and most experienced creators of digital interactive television games in the world.”

Waterfront Entertainment is an international interactive television publisher with a focus on games. Their director, Stephen Swan, said: “Bringing Denki and DIRECTV together to help launch DIRECTV’s Game Lounge has ensured that the service contains the best possible content and benefits from Denki’s extensive experience of creating such games.”