Bell ExpressVu in Canada has launched two new free interactive television services to allow its customers to access news and sports information simply by pressing the select button on their remote control.

The CBC News Plus and TSN Extra interactive services enable viewers to select stories, scores and statistics from a list of latest headlines while watching the programme.

 Bell ExpressVu TSN Extra interactive television service.

The ExpressVu interactive services already include a weather application, casino games, trivia quizzes, NHL ice hockey and NFL football.

“Interactive television services are rapidly changing the way Canadians watch and experience television,” said Pat Button, vice president of marketing for ExpressVu.

“Bell, through its ExpressVu service, is a recognized leader in iTV and we are proud to be adding CBC News Plus to the programming line-up,” said Bob Kerr, director of business and platform development for CBC. “CBC News Plus will deliver content to viewers–in an intuitive, smart way–that will make their interactive TV viewing experience richer and more informative than ever.”

“This latest initiative positions TSN at the forefront of Canadian digital media technology when it comes to sports television,” added Phil King, TSN President.

The interactive services are available on a range of compatible receivers.