Access to Audiences has selected on-Q Create authoring software from Ensequence to develop interactive advertisements and synchronised enhanced programming.

The adoption of the Ensequence authoring solution by the UK interactive development house is significant because a2a has a distinguished heritage in the short history of interactive television, with an emphasis on software engineering.

The company was founded by Nick Brown, a former head of IT at BSkyB who was closely involved with the launch of the original Open… interactive service that became Sky Active. He was also the founder of Pilat Media, which provides airtime sales and scheduling systems.

“Audiences in the UK are demanding more from interactive TV. It needs to be stimulating and relevant,” said Nick. “We’re developing new ways to capture and retain the attention of viewers and we know that Ensequence products will enable us to deliver real value to our customers.”

The on-Q Create authoring suite will complement a2a’s comprehensive TestBox TV satellite set-top box farm testing facility to support rapid delivery of iTV applications on Sky’s OpenTV platform.