Visible World, which has developed technology to support targeted advertising, is featured as ‘idea of the week’ in The Sunday Times business section.

The idea of addressable advertising is not new, and Visible World has been around for a while. The company has developed ‘intelliSpot’ software that allows a television advertisement to be customised. Different versions of spot ads can be triggered by audience demographics, programme content, geographic location, time of day, or other dynamic variables. The system generates and distributes dynamic adverts automatically.

The company claims that it offers benefits to consumers as well as advertisers, by making commercials more relevant to their needs.

The Sunday Times says Seth Haberman, the founder of Visible World, says the New York based company is keen to expand internationally by finding an infrastructure partner.

“Mass audiences are not mass any more,” says Haberman. The challenge for advertisers is to understand how to make television advertisements relevant to the customers they want to reach, and to connect with a broad television audience.