Kasenna, a leading provider of broadband video on demand systems, has announced a new High Performance Streaming technology that can deliver up to a thousand video streams from a one rack unit server.

The new RAMBase product is a 1U device that supports up to a thousand video streams through four Gigabit Ethernet ports on an off-the-shelf Intel server, enabling up to 25,000 3.75 Mbps on demand streams to be delivered from a single rack.

RAMBase enables hybrid memory and disk-based streaming clusters that combine the performance and reliability of servers streaming from memory with the capacity of disk-based servers at a far lower cost than exclusively using memory-based systems.

“HPS is more than delivering popular titles from RAM,” said Kasenna’s chief technology officer Dr Satish Menon. “By implementing a system-wide approach to scalability, Kasenna has addressed the need to dynamically move content through cache hierarchies as titles become popular.”

“As video on demand deployments grow in size and scope, RAMBase will help our customers scale their networks without impacting performance or management costs,” said Kasenna chief executive and chairman Mark Gray.

With video-on-demand becoming a ‘must have’ service, cable operators need to support thousands of concurrent streams for their most-watched programs. The hybrid approach is a robust solution that gives cable operators the flexibility to match the performance of their VOD system to the instantaneous demands of viewers.