A new product from Coaxsys allows existing co-axial cable to provide an internet protocol home network without requiring digital network cables.

TVnet will turn an existing coax cable system into a digital network for home entertainment and internet protocol television or IPTV. It will allow telcos to deploy triple play services of video, voice and data without having to wire network cable through homes.

“There are over a hundred million homes in North America already wired with coax and TVnet can instantly transform each of them into a high performance, IPTV-ready multimedia network,” said Michael D’Addio, CEO of Coaxsys. “TVnet enables telephone operators to deploy IPTV services to create new opportunities for revenue generation, while also providing the ability for customers to create an instant distribution and sharing network – wherever a coax jack exists.”

TVnet provides an Ethernet to coax bridge, allowing coax jacks to become networked enabled. TVnet adapters can be connected to any network compatible device to provide access to the internet, share peripherals, or stream high-quality digital audio and video, including multi-channel television and HDTV signals at up to 100Mbs over distances of up to 250 feet. TVnet provides a home video backbone that is compatible with video splitters and supports Ethernet unicast, multicast, and broadcast.

The TVnet system is a development of the company’s previous Pure Speed product intended for home networking. With the emergence of IPTV, home networks have an additional role in routing video through the household. The use of an existing coax distribution system is an alternative or an adjunct to wireless networking or powerline solutions, and is said to offer higher performance and reliability.