Siemens has chosen Espial Escape as the default browser for its IPTV set-top boxes as part of their SURPASS Home Entertainment solution.

Espial Escape is a browser software developer kit specifically built for embedded designs that can be used to enable user interface applications, walled garden content or full internet access.

“Espial Escape enables set-top box manufacturers and telcos to build content in desktop environments using off-the-shelf tools,” said Espial President, Jaison Dolvane.

“We were impressed with the ease with which Escape ported across the
various IPTV offerings that SURPASS Home Entertainment develops,” said Axel
Scheuer, a solution manager at Siemens.

Using Espial Escape, the graphical user interface is easily customizable using traditional mark up languages and Macromedia Flash and allows carriers to up-sell or cross-sell new services with simple coding changes.

The Espial Escape browser was recently deployed by Belgacom in Belgium as the HTML rendering engine for its IPTV set-top-box launch.