Everyone TV has revealed the brand for its new Freely television service that will be delivered over the internet in the United Kingdom. It has also announced a five-year deal with Chinese television manufacturer Hisense that will build the app into its new televisions.

The Freely initiative was announced in September as a collaboration between the four public service broadcasters in the United Kingdom that are joint shareholders in Everyone TV, which also manages the Freeview and Freesat platforms.

Freely will provide live and on demand services from these public service broadcasters and other channels over broadband, without the need for an aerial or satellite dish.

The Freely word mark features a graphic device suggestive of a character that they are calling a ‘Freemoji’.

Freely on a Hisense television

Amy Rowcliffe, the marketing director of Everyone TV explained: “The name Freely represents the ability to watch for free but also the freedom to choose how and what you watch. We have a cheeky, modern, and expressive character — which we have dubbed ‘Freemoji’ — that brings the brand to life as the viewer’s welcoming and inquisitive companion. Happy, sad, excited, scared, great free TV has the power to make us feel every emotion and we wanted a character to represent this.”

Hisense is the first and so far the only television manufacturer that has announced support for Freely. It will incorporate the new Freely brand across its 2024 models of televisions and remote controls.

“We’re always looking to enhance our product offering and find new ways to add value to our consumers, and this partnership with Freely does just that,” said Howard Grindrod, of Hisense UK.

Deep Halder, the chief commercial office of Everyone TV said that further partners would be announced before the launch of Freely in 2024.