Sky is now charging an extra £5 to new Sky Glass and Sky Stream customers to skip adverts. The ability to fast forward through adverts on time-slipped or recorded programmes is being presented as a feature for which customers will be charged unless they specifically opt out of an introductory offer.

Sky introduced the Ad Skipping pack earlier in the year and bundled it for free with Sky Glass and Sky Stream contracts as part of an introductory offer. Those customers will now have to pay an additional £5 a month if they wish to skip adverts when viewing using the Live Pause, Restart, Playlist, or Sky On Demand features. This will also enable them to fast forward adverts in the ITVX, STV Player and All4 TV apps.

The £5 charge will automatically apply on a 31-day rolling contract until cancelled.

Sky notes that the Ad Skipping pack does not mean that viewers will not see any adverts. It simply allows the ability to fast forward through adverts using the relevant remote control buttons and on screen menu.

The Sky Ad Skipping feature will also work with adverts within ITVX, STV Player and All TV apps.

Sky Stream box with remote control

Sky has been working with broadcasters to introduce markers in their programming to signal advertising breaks. Targeted advertising is also being introduced for Sky Glass and Sky Stream customers, who receive their service online.

The ad-skipping provisions do not currently affect customers with Sky Q boxes, who can continue to record programmes locally and fast forward through adverts, as many Sky customers have been doing for over two decades.