Some 16.7 million households in the United Kingdom subscribe to at least one online video service, representing 57% of homes. The number has remained the same over the year, according to Kantar research. Amazon Prime Video continues to attract the largest share of new subscribers. The leading four services account for 8 out of 10 new subscriptions.

In the third quarter of 2021, Amazon Prime Video accounted for 41.2% of new online video subscribers in the United Kingdom.

The share of new subscribers taking Netflix fell to 10.6%, down from 15% the previous quarter.

Disney+ took 17.7% of new subscribers, while NOW from Sky took 11.2%.

These four services accounted for over 80% of all new online video subscriptions in the country.

United Kingdom share of new online video subscriptions

BritBox took just 3% of new online video subscribers in the United Kingdom, just behind Discovery+ with 3.3% and Apple TV+ at 5.5%.