The number of homes in the United Kingdom with subscription online video services has risen by 8.37% or just over a million in the first quarter of 2019 to 13.33 million. That amounts to 48.88% of television homes in the country. The number with Netflix rose by 11.25% in the first three months of the year, while the number of homes with Amazon Prime Video rose by 12.88%.

The regular BARB Establishment Survey at the end of 2018 suggests that there were 12.30 million homes in the United Kingdom with at least one of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Now TV, up from 10.23 at the end of 2017. By the end of the first quarter of 2019 the number had risen to 13.33 million. The total number of television homes in the country was 27.27 million.
Netflix accounted for 11.47 million homes, while Amazon had 5.96 million and NOW TV had 1.62 million.

It is estimated that 46.6% of homes in the United Kingdom had access to one of these services. 4.3 million of them have access to two or more of them.

Subscription online video services in the United Kingdom 2014 Q1 to 2019 Q1. Source: BARB

Households with three or more people are 47% more likely to have a subscription online video service than the average across the United Kingdom, while homes with one or two people, 72% of which include adults aged over 55, are correspondingly less likely to subscribe.

The latest BARB Viewing Report shows a strong correlation between the adoption of subscription online video services with what BARB terms unidentified viewing, which accounts for a fifth of television viewing
 time. Not all of that unidentified viewing is to online video subscription services. It also includes watching programming more than 28 days after broadcast and other activities, such as playing games on consoles.

Of identified television viewing, the vast majority is still on the television set. There were around 525 billion minutes of BARB reported television viewed in the United Kingdom between 9pm and 10pm in 2018, compared to 6.25 billion minutes viewed on computers, tablets and phones.