The latest issue of the informitv Multiscreen Index of 100 leading pay television service providers worldwide shows a total quarterly increase of 3.45 million subscribers, up by 0.80% over the third quarter of 2016, compared to 3.74 million or 0.95% a year previously. 57 of the 100 services in the Multiscreen Index reported net television subscriber gains in the third quarter, compared to 59 in the same period a year previously.

AT&T U-verse had the largest loss of subscribers, down by 326,000, although the AT&T satellite subsidiary DIRECTV gained 323,000.

Six of the top 10 services in the United States lost television subscribers in the quarter and they were collectively down by 73,000 over the quarter and 357,700 year on year.

Across North, Central and South America there was a modest quarterly increase of 0.25 million subscribers, reversing a regional decline in the previous quarter.

In Europe, Tricolor had the largest increase, up by 130,000, taking its total to 12.00 million. Sky gained 106,000 customers across Europe, including 49,000 in Germany and Austria.

Europe, Middle East and Africa
Service Change
155,057 71.13
Sky (UK and IE) 35,000 12.48
Tricolor 130,000 12.00
Vodafone Germany -16,000 7.80
Orange France 10,000 6.52
Free 66,000 6.33
MultiChoice 6.05
Canal+ France -71,000 5.38
Rostelecom cable -39,180 5.09
Sky Italia 22,000 4.76
Cyfrowy Polsat 18,237 4.72
Source: informitv Multiscreen Index. Television subscriber numbers at the end of September 2016 for the 10 leading pay-television services in Europe, Middle East and Africa that report figures.

The Asia Pacific region gained 2.54 million subscribers, with six operators in India claiming combined gains of 2.19 million, led by Hathway adding 800,000.

Quarterly subscriber change by region and platform. Source: informitv Multiscreen Index

“Once again the largest increase was in the Asia Pacific region, which has added 14.37 million television subscribers in 12 months,” said informitv analyst Dr Sue Farrell.

“Six of the top 10 services in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region gained television customers,” noted Dr William Cooper, the editor of the informitv Multiscreen Index. “The region saw a modest increase of 0.65 million over the quarter.”

The Multiscreen Index comprises 100 leading multichannel television and video services that collectively account for around 420 million subscribing homes worldwide. The index provides an industry benchmark of the relative performance of television service providers against which customer gains or losses can be measured.