Social media applications are coming to the television. One company that is developing such applications is Accedo Broadband, a Swedish company best known for its games. They are developing a selection of applications that integrate with services such as Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and Picasa. They also have a concept television community service they call ZapClub.

“Many consumers are interacting on a daily basis with a number of social media applications,” notes Michael Lantz, the chief executive of Accedo Broadband, “It was a natural step to bring these services to the TV. We believe these will bring an enhanced TV experience to consumer if integrated in an attractive way.”

The applications will be on show in the IPTV Zone at IBC in Amsterdam in September. They will also be showing new game features, including Full HD gaming and 3D components based on the SVG markup standard.

Accedo Broadband provides interactive applications for IPTV and Connected TV, including a portfolio of more than 130 games. Based in Stockholm, the privately held company is backed by venture capital and has branch offices in London, San Francisco and Hong Kong.