A French software system aims to simplify the creation of interactive video. The V4x iTV Factory provides a production platform to enable material to be repurposed and enriched for delivery online and on mobile devices.

The V4x iTV Factory for Adobe Flash and Flash Lite claims to offer a straightforward timeline-based workflow to produce programmes and channels. It allows overlays and templates to be used to create interactive video for the web using Adobe Flash and for mobile devices using Adobe Flash Lite or Java.

A solution for DVB-H or 3G allows interactive scenes to be formatted according to the OMA-BCAST specification.

V4x Sequencer allows drag and drop management of media.

The V4x software enables the insertion of contextually relevant, interactive elements into mobile material. V4x simplifies the production of interactive, contextual elements with its easy-to-use templates for creating synchronized links, polls, tickers and other participatory components.

Founded in 2006 and based in the Bordeaux region of France, V4x is supported by the public institution Unitec.

The iTV Factory for Adobe Flash and Flash Lite will make its debut at the NAB trade show in Las Vegas.