Broadline Media in San Francisco says it is signing up content providers for its new Lasoo broadband television service, designed to deliver high-quality, high-definition and standard-definition video to television sets through broadband-connected personal computers.

“Lasoo’s broadband video-on-demand service enables the low-cost worldwide distribution of high-def and DVD-quality niche video content,” said Steve Popper, chief executive officer of Broadline Media Corp. “Consumers gain an alternative source for television programming that is available worldwide.”

Viewers can watch Lasoo’s video-on-demand programming on either a PC monitor or, preferably, a television set in a comfortable ‘lean back’ environment with a remote control.

Lasoo also offers a familiar DVD style user interface optimized for a television screen, with easy-to-use commands such as play, fast forward, rewind and pause.

A beta version of Lasoo has launched to allow potential content partners to see how the service works, and for consumers to experience the quality of true broadband television.

“Lasoo is not a replacement for cable or satellite television, but rather a complement to the existing media delivery options,” Popper told informitv. “Lasoo will carry programs you can’t find anywhere on cable and for some of the niche programming, no where else at all.”

Lasoo is powered by the Broadline Imediasee video distribution system, based on the Microsoft Windows Media format and digital rights management.

The Library Manager downloads and manages the content, while the Player presents it for viewing. Multiple Players can access a single Library Manager over a wired or wireless home network, making it easy for Lasoo viewers to access their content from anywhere in the home.

The content currently on show on the Lasoo service is somewhat limited, to say the least, but the user interface is closer to a television offering than many competing broadband video services.