TiVo, the company that is synonymous with the digital video recorder, says its subscribers will be able to download programming published through the Brightcove online video platform for viewing on their television.

Brightcove is an online video service that empowers producers to package and distribute programming over the open internet.

The partnership with TiVo will enable users of the Brightcove internet TV service to distribute content to TiVo subscribers. Initially, all content will be offered for free to TiVo subscribers and may carry advertising. It will also be possible to receive revenue through advertising, subscription, or pay-per-view.

“TiVo has revolutionized television viewing and Brightcove is bringing about major changes in consumer viewing of broadband-delivered video,” said Tom Rogers, the president and chief executive of TiVo.

Broadband video content from Brightcove will be made available to any TiVo Series2 DVR connected to the Internet. The Brightcove partnership will enable TiVo subscribers to find broadband video content via their TiVo or PC and deliver that content directly to their TiVo box where they can view it whenever they choose.

“TiVo has been a powerful factor increasing consumer choice and control over television viewing experiences,” said Jeremy Allaire, the founder and chief executive of Brightcove. “TiVo subscribers will gain access to the largest, most powerful content platform ever offered–the Internet. If it’s on Brightcove, you’ll be able to watch it on your TV using your TiVo box.”