Sky Italia has selected Pace Micro Technology as the launch partner to provide personal video recorder set-top boxes for its new ‘MySKY’ service.

The Pace PVR includes twin tuners and a 160Gb hard disk, able to record up to 60 hours of programming.

The device is similar to the Sky+ PVR now used in over a million homes in the UK. Pace also supplies the PVR for Foxtel in Australia and Premiere in Germany.

Sky Italia PVR from Pace Micro Technology

Mark Williams, the chief operating officer of Sky Italia commented: “PVR is an essential part of our future strategy and will complement our core digital service. Having worked with Pace for our initial service launch we are delighted that our customers will be using Pace technology again for PVR”.

The News Corp owned Sky Italia satellite platform now has over 3.6 million subscribers.