Aeon Digital has unveiled a flat screen television with integrated digital video recorder and a wireless router enabling it to stream or download music or movies over a broadband connection.

The product will be available with a 32”, 37” or 42” LCD screen, with a built-in 200 hour personal video recorder. It will include an 802.11 b/g wireless router and access point, and will be able to stream or download a selection from thousands of movies or over 1.5 million music tracks over the online Aeon Network.

Aeon Digital International 32 inch LCD PVR

It will also be possible to access movies, music and pictures stored on a personal computer, although this is not required to use the other features.

The system is known as DIVA, and will include a free programme guide, including local television listings.

On show at the Hong Kong Electronics Show, the device will be on the market in January 2006 and the technology will be available to screen manufacturers. Aeon Digital expects lower manufacturing costs will offset the expense of integrating these value added features in the coming months.