An exclusive service for viewers of the MaLigne broadband television network in France will provide multichannel coverage of the French Open tennis tournament.

MaLigne TV and GlobeCast, both subsidiaries of the France Télécom group, have partnered to provide a package of television channels that will allow viewers to watch live broadcasts of all matches on the seven main courts at Roland Garros. The exclusive service runs for two weeks from 23 May.

GlobeCast will transmit the programs over fibre optic circuits from the French Open to the MaLigne TV IP video headend.

A multi-screen mosaic will allow simultaneous viewing of all seven courts. Viewers with a MaLigne pay television package will be able to watch the matches without interruption or commercial breaks, with or without commentary, without any additional subscription.

The proposition is similar to the BBC’s highly successful interactive Wimbledon tennis coverage. BBC viewers in the UK will be able to watch uninterrupted coverage from one of the courts through an interactive service on satellite, terrestrial and cable television in the second week of the French event.

MaLigne TV will also offer an exclusive video-on-demand service so that viewers can schedule their own viewing. This will be available on a pay-per-view basis.