Guideworks, the joint venture between Comcast and Gemstar-TV Guide, will publish the application programming interface for its i-Guide interactive programme guide.

It is understood that the open standards architecture will enable third-party developers to create interactive and enhanced television applications that can be integrated with the i-Guide IPG.

The API allows applications to be activated when users tune to certain channels, and enables them be launched through on-screen buttons within the Guideworks user interface. There is also support for integration with parental controls, programme reminders, multiple tuner digital video recorder capabilities and video-on-demand functions. Applications can also invoke the programme listings and information screens within the Guideworks interactive programme guide.

“Since forming GuideWorks, Comcast and TV Guide have emphasized the importance of developing an open platform that will help encourage innovation and allow third-party developers to expand the capabilities of digital cable’s interactive program guide,” said Gerard Kunkel, the president of GuideWorks and vice president of business development for Comcast

As previously reported by informitv, OpenTV is already planning to take advantage of integration with the Guideworks platform. “This is an excellent opportunity for us to help U.S. cable operators bring new, innovative technologies and applications to their customers,” said Jim Chiddix, chairman and chief executive of OpenTV.

GoldPocket is another interactive television company that is taking advantage of this opportunity. “We have successfully integrated our eTV client using this API set, enabling our full library of functionality including interactive games, iAds and voting and polling applications,” said Scott Newnam of GoldPocket Interactive. “We anticipate deploying interactive applications on the GuideWorks platform later this year.”