Gemstar-TV Guide is planning to launch an on-demand television preview network to promote programmes and help users navigate through an ever-expanding range of viewing choices.

The on-demand service will feature short-form, originally-produced entertainment programming as part of a strategy to redefine programming guidance for digital audiences.

TV Guide Spot will initially be available through and will be available to more than 14 million Comcast and Time Warner digital cable television customers in the second quarter, as well as to other subscribers of the TiVo digital video recorder service.

“With so much choice, finding what you want when you want it on television today has for many become lots of work rather than lots of fun,” says Stacy Jolna, the general manager of TV Guide Spot.

The new TV Guide approach will demonstrate the power of recommendation in allowing viewers to navigate a sea of programming.

With a dozen short-form concepts in development, the network will launch initially with four shows: a programme preview, a catch-up guide, highlights of new movies available on-demand, and a guide to appearance of music acts on upcoming shows.

TiVo users will initially be able to use the preview showcase to select any featured show to be recorded simply by pressing the thumbs up button on their remote.