The ATSC, which develops technical standards for digital television in the United States, is holding a technical seminar on the future of interactive television to promote their ACAP specification.

The seminar is designed to explain ACAP, the ATSC’s new Advanced Common Application Platform candidate standard.

ACAP is an initiative intended to enable interoperable services and products that can be applied to satellite, terrestrial and cable systems.

ACAP builds on OCAP, which is of course the OpenCable Applications Platform from CableLabs, which is in turn derived from MHP, the Multimedia Home Platform specification from the DVB in Europe.

One of the topics to be addressed will be the differences between the three specifications, together with the technical features they have in common and the possibilities that this creates for content and services.

“This seminar provides a wealth of practical information on this new, highly advanced technology that will ultimately revolutionize the way consumers utilize television,” commented Mark Richer, ATSC president.

The seminar takes place in Washington DC on 7 December.