Siemens will integrate Myrio internet protocol video software in its next-generation service delivery platform for voice, video and data services.

The Myrio IP Video Platform is Java-based, comprising a back-office subscriber and content management system and an end-user application that provides support for personal video recorder functions and web browser enhancements.

“The combination makes it easy for users to enjoy both entertainment and communication services on the TV,” said Harald Schweickhardt, vice president of Siemens AG. “These simple-to-use services are available to any consumer possessing a television and a DSL line, turning the television into a true entertainment and communications centre.”

Chris Coles, president and chief executive of Myrio added: “Siemens’ decision to enter the IP video market with its own bundled solution powered by Myrio’s IP Video Platform further demonstrates the viability of the market and validates our proven IP video technology.”

The partners have previously worked together to deliver a system to Belgacom and have signed two other deals that have yet to be announced.

The agreement signals the intention of Siemens to compete with Alcatel in this market, with other partners including nCube and Tandberg.

Microsoft is also beginning to make an impression on the sector, in partnership with Lucent Technologies.

Siemens recently completed the acquisition of BBC Technology in a ten-year deal to provide technology services to the broadcaster worth £2 billion.