Sky has downloaded new software for its Sky+ personal video recorders which will allow the recording of scheduled interactive streams.

As previously predicted by informitv, the new software release apparently enables scheduled interactive audio and video streams to be recorded, although this does not extend to recording interactive applications.

However, it is believed that the capability could be deployed in connection with Sky’s sports coverage.

Sky Sports has acquired additional rights to delayed footage of Premier League matches that could be integrated into a new interactive service.

Sky’s Football First will include delayed full coverage of the big match of the day, with highlight packages of other matches on their interactive service.

This step towards the integration of interactive applications with the personal video recorder marks an interesting development. The ability to combine interactive applications with audio and video streams recorded locally in the Sky+ box could ultimately lead to more sophisticated interactive services.

The software update also includes a number of bug fixes, appears to speed up navigation functions, and provides the facility to filter the display of programmes in the Sky Plus Planner view.