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France Télévisions serves ultra high definition

Comcast planning online video bundle

New Nielsen Gauge measures distributors

Terrestrial observations
Some countries are forging ahead with offering improved pictures and sound for terrestrial television transmissions, while others that were once leaders are falling behind. Although the long-term trend may be towards online delivery, national broadcasters need to continue to invest in the distribution of their services and bring their audiences with them if they are to compete effectively with global players for the attention of viewers. Distribution is their route to market and a cost of business  — or staying in business. Basically, that is their business. There will be no newsletter next week as it is a public holiday in the United Kingdom, so our next Connected Vision will be in the first week of June.

William Cooper

France Télévisions serves ultra high definition
The French Open tennis from the Stade Roland Garros in Paris will be the first large scale live event to be broadcast across France over digital terrestrial television in ultra high definition with high dynamic range. It will serve as a warm up to the Olympic Games in Paris and represents a commitment to terrestrial transmissions. The attitude to terrestrial broadcasting in France and Spain is in marked contrast to the ambition of broadcasters in Britain.
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Comcast planning online video bundle
Comcast will introduce a discounted bundle of Peacock with Netflix and Apple TV+. The StreamSaver bundle will be available to all Comcast broadband and video customers, including those with the new family of NOW branded prepaid products.
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New Nielsen Gauge measures distributors
A new measure of viewing in the United States shows usage across delivery platforms, aggregated and ranked by media company. It shows that Disney accounted for the most television viewing, followed by YouTube. Netflix ranked sixth. This aggregation of video viewing puts online distribution direct to the consumer in context.
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Freely gets mixed reception

Ofcom signals terrestrial transmission options

Sky Sports+ offers extensive online coverage

Freely faces launch challenges

Comcast and Charter lose video subscribers

FCC restores net neutrality

Multiscreen Index
The quarterly Multiscreen Index offers an invaluable overview of multichannel pay-TV providers around the world and provides an index of the top 100 services by digital subscriber numbers, with top 10 rankings worldwide, by region or mode of delivery, gains or losses.
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