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Sky Media makes TVbeat source of truth

BBC faces funding challenge

Netflix adds option to surprise viewers

Personal recommendation
The value proposition of a subscription video on demand service is that it offers an endless all you can eat buffet. The problem is that after a while the options on offer become rather familiar. We may regularly return to old favourites but it becomes increasingly difficult to find something new that appeals, even if the selection is regularly refreshed. So Netflix is introducing an innovation to remove the challenge of choosing and simply play something it suggests. Getting that right more often than not may be more difficult than one might imagine.

William Cooper

Sky Media makes TVbeat source of truth
Sky Media, the advertising sales arm of Sky, has expanded its partnership with TVbeat, making it the ‘System of Note’ to receive, process and harmonised data from various sources. They include set-top boxes, AdSmart, online ad servers, demographic data about subscribers and other information from third-party providers.
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BBC faces funding challenge
The BBC has seen a fall in funding from the television licence, which is subject to review. The National Audit Office has warned the BBC that it needs to develop a clear financial plan for the future. The government has consulted on decriminalisation of non-payment of the television licence. It remains concerned that a criminal sanction is increasingly disproportionate and unfair in a modern public service broadcasting system. However, it wants to ensure that any future changes to the enforcement scheme are not seen as an invitation to evade the legal requirement to have a licence to watch television programmes.
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Netflix adds option to surprise viewers
Netflix had over 200 million paid subscriptions at the end of 2020 and could be heading for 240 million by the end of 2021. In the face of increasing competition from major media companies, Netflix is going to have to work harder to demonstrate the value of its monthly subscription, for users who are finding it harder than ever to decide what to watch. It is rolling out a feature that will play a personalised recommendation, saving users the bother of browsing.
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CES virtually shows television future

ITV Hub viewing up over Christmas

AT&T TV Now no longer on offer

Roku passes 50 million accounts

Struum seeks to streamline streaming

BBC iPlayer breaks Christmas records

Multiscreen Index
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