The informitv Multiscreen Index is based on the latest published subscriber numbers provided by operators. These are generally reported quarterly although reporting periods may vary. Rankings are based on the latest available figures.

The Multiscreen Index does not include service providers that do not publish subscriber figures or for which reliable figures are unavailable. This includes some private companies and many operators in countries such as China and India.

Some operators provide subscriber numbers with greater precision, accuracy or frequency than others. Subscriber numbers are generally unaudited but may be subject to the regulatory reporting requirements of traded companies.

The subscriber numbers in the Multiscreen Index are as provided by operators and are not based on analyst estimation, extrapolation or interpolation.

The comparative basis for subscriber numbers is active paying residential customers of digital multichannel television services. Service providers report subscriber numbers in different ways that may not always correspond to this definition.

The region and mode of distribution are based on the main country and delivery method for a single service. Aggregate subscriber numbers may be consequently under or over represented in some tables.

Subscriber numbers may change as a result of mergers and acquisitions or restatement of previously reported figures. As far as possible changes indicated reflect organic subscriber growth or losses.

The constituents of the index and summary tables may change over time so category totals may not be directly comparable from one issue to another.

While every care is taken in compiling this data, informitv can accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions or any liability for actions taken on the basis of this information.

The publisher will endeavour to include any reported updates in future releases.